Escorts In Virginia Beach, VA

Sometimes, a particular event or time calls for a special celebration. Involving the use of escort services is a great way to spice up the night and make it both memorable and fun. The trick however is finding a reliable and affordable escort service. A challenging prospect, you will have to consider cost, selection, available times, and service. With all of this in mind, lets take a moment to review escort services in the Virginia Beach VA area. With an eye for quality, it is our hope that one of the services on the list below will provide you with the experience you are looking for.

1. Temptations

Temptations is located in Virginia Beach and serves all the surrounding 7 cities of Hampton Roads including, Norfolk, Cheasapeake, Portsmouth and Newport News. Known for maintaining a high level of excellence in the industry, Temptations is often a popular choice when booking strippers and Escorts in Virginia Beach. Great for single individuals as well as for parties, Temptations is a escort agency that is easy to work with and that provides what it says. For more information, you can contact Temptations directly at (757) 463-4630.

Best Strip Clubs In Virginia Beach, VA

Strip clubs can be tricky to figure out. There are many different feels when it comes to strip clubs, and finding the right place for you, your friends, or even a special event can be challenging. To help make your life easier, below are a couple of the highest rated strip clubs in and around the Virginia Beach area. With overall service that sets them above and beyond the rest of the competition, these strip clubs will be sure to provide the best overall experience for your fun night out. With all that out of the way, lets get to the review!
1. Minx Gentlemen’s Club & Lounge

Minx Gentlemen’s Club & Lounge is located at 446 Oceana Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA 23454. Considered the best club in Virginia Beach as well as the Hamptons Road area, Minx Gentlemen’s Club & Lounge hires the best looking women to take part in this adult entertainment wonderland. With an excellent selection of drinks, good service, and an overall good atmosphere that adds to the experience instead of taking away from it, Minx Gentlemen’s Club & Lounge is a step above the other titty bars, strip joints, and go-go’s located in the rest of the Virginia Beach area. A top choice for any person looking to have a good time, Minx Gentlemen’s Club & Lounge can be contacted directly at (757) 417-6651.

2. Mermaids Gentleman’s Club

Mermaids Gentleman’s Club is located at 1724 Potters Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23454. Known for its excellent service, Mermaids Gentleman’s Club is a close contender with Minx Gentlemen’s Club & Lounge due to its beautiful girls. There is also a wide selection of drinks to choose from. With plenty of parking, getting to Mermaids Gentleman’s Club is easy and convenient. Also, there is a great smoking lounge where you can sit back and relax with friends. Generally considered reasonable, respectable, and fun, Mermaids Gentleman’s Club is an excellent all around choice. They can be reached at (757) 426-4687.

Adult Stores in Virginia Beach

Finding the right adult novelty shop can be an amazing challenge. There are very little reviews out there comparing novelty shops, mostly because the idea if sex is still considered taboo in our culture. In addition, there is the added stigma of writing about them. Lets take a moment to realize that we are all adults that sex is normal, and that adult novelty shops, just like any other business, differ in quality. With that out of the way, lets take a moment to review the various adult novelty shops in and around the Virginia Beach, VA area. With an emphasis placed on quality, lets find the best shops around to save you time and money.
1. Nancy’s Nook

Nancy’s Nook is located at 1301 Oceana Blvd, Suite 103 Virginia Beach, VA 23454. In addition, they can be reached at (757) 428-1498. Lets get this out of the way first. Nancy’s Nook can be a bit pricy. However, when you consider the range of products they have as well as the quality of products, it is easy to understand why. Nancy’s Nook has incredible selection, allowing for some products, like vibrators, to have dozens of possible options ranging in quality and price. There is also their extensive selection of other adult novelty items, meaning that what would otherwise take several trips to different adult novelty stores can all be accomplished with just one trip to Nancy’s Nook. A place of freedom in an uptight state, Nancy’s Nook represents an excellent place to come, select through, and even purchase things you want and need. In addition, there is always the secret room that has even more when it comes to fantastic selection. No matter what way you think about it, Nancy’s Nook is worth checking out.
2. The Love Shack

The Love Shack is located at 2605 Virginia Beach Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA 23452. In addition, they can be reached via phone at (757) 306-9699. Unlike other adult novelty shops, the Love Shack is centrally located in a non-seedy part of town, allowing for more comfort when it comes to coming and going. In addition, The Love Shack provides the adult novelty shop experience, having everything you would expect from this kind of store. While nothing about The Love Shack is truly inspiring, it makes this list because what it does do it does very well. From having a good selection to having a helpful staff, The Love Shack is a good place to go and explore your interests.